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They announced that they intended to give the most current information to the user when you are searching for a current issue or contents that could be renewed periodically. They estimated that this change in the algorithm could pose an impact of search results as they alter the order in which They appear on Google. If the algorithm detected that the user seeking information about a recent event, favor the last contents offered on the Web. These contents can be only local seo packages a few minutes of existence, favoring continuous renewal of content. They used an example when publishing the Article: If a user searches for information about Oscar, the search engine will favor to the newest data and not an issue that occurred years ago. When the locate the user content that was identified as a permanent for example, Recipes, is not part of the algorithm would apply. Between November and December.

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Matt Cutts Google engineer, blogged mattcuttsblog/ that Google made about changes in algorithm that year. Google published ten of these changes, which are summarized continuation: Google improved searches languages that had contained limited, intending to master new minority markets: Afrikaans, Malay, Slovak, etc. From that time, translate the titles of Web pages in English that were relevant, showing Here are the titles translated as search result. This option It was only available in Korean so far. Introduction of the snippet English term that refers to a fragment descriptive text of a Web page, drawn by Google when done a search and displayed next to the URL in the results in more pages content. i they are considered a key element professional seo services to optimize processes search as Google takes them into account as an important factor algorithm. They believe that in this way help the user identify whether a Website really has the information they are seeking.

From that moment, Google would not follow all the label meta description, but show more information on the page itself. Considers that is able to interpret and intuit that part of the text is more relevant for the user. Google show the latest information about a search determined. Again insisting intellectual property, referring to view more try to always provide information from official pages. This way, wanted to avoid misinformation and confusion to users. From that moment, the search could perform searches based date ranges. Thus, not only would favor the search for information on a current topic, but allow the user to access the same information but historically.

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Would be less likely to top of results of the original query in which there was a word rare, were eliminated in the alternative query. For example, if original red players wanted it is understood that may not be so interested in a page only mentions red players. There was an improvement in the number of kilobytes indexed by page, this so longer documents obtained that were available in the Google index, improving its classification and therefore their consultation. Identification of parked domains, ie domains that are not in functioning. It is interpreted that these domains are not useful and that small business seo packages occasions may or advertising are full service provider storage hosting. Do not show relevant content for users, so it would not be shown. optimization functionality google instant auto complete search engine in some languages such as Russian, Arabic, etc.

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They got be more flexible in predicting giving more freedom to the user, not swerve from its original intent. Increased importance to blogs, so they made a change in its index. They included a search index blogs for greater relevance and the call freshness of information freshness comes from translating the word English fresh can be understood as a new, current highlighting the following points: i They included small signs to try to encourage predictions original content, not copies of it. The same idea but focused images. In this way, they wanted promote press inquiries, favoring new images and original. Optimizing the design and color of the search engine to be used in tablet devices, improving their usability. Between January and February. They announced a significant change that was to label all projects they were working. Thus, they intended to classify changes were made to improve results.